Friday, June 13


Putting together a Winter outfit is all about balance, and with cutouts, acceptable midriff exposure, dipping skirt lengths, and cropped pant lengths to play with there is so much more fun to be had in Winter than simply layers, upon layers. Take this as a prime example.. Mules mean warm toes but a modern edgy silhouette on the foot, a modest knee length skirt, means not only are bare legs somewhat appropriate and manageable, but an exposed midriff in Winter is suddenly acceptable particularly if said midriff covers up with a high neck and long sleeves...throw over all that a bomber jacket or long coat for extra warmth and you have a Winter outfit that doesn't have you covered from head to toe, but still says Winter.

Wearing | Topshop crop top | Witchery skirt | Topshop mules | The Bag Department clutch 
Carly Paiker door knocker ring 

Photography by Zien Creative


  1. Wicked sense of style and photos, props to your photographer!


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