Tuesday, October 21


It's editorials like this that make me have a love-hate relationship with Winter, having just come back from Europe where they are prepping for the big freeze, it's safe to say I would be profoundly more happy to spend my Winters over there when they know how to a) make it look so damn good, and b) create the most luxurious, cosy layers I have ever laid eyes on, they sure do Winter well.

Model Crista Cober | Photographer Laurence Ellis | Stylist Anne Sophie Thomas

- L'Officiel Paris -

Monday, October 20


There's something about an Australian Summer that is like no other... along with the salty hair and summer skin we all yearn for during the Winter months, we are lucky to have access to some of the worlds most stunning beaches, beaches I could loose myself at for days. A country of sun-worshippers, surfers, and beach-goers, we pretty much live for summer. Our style somewhat reflects our Summer existence, relaxed, laid-back, nonchalant, and we feel most at home in washed out denim, relaxed tees, and a bikini (just incase), throw in a straw fedora and a pair of slides for good measure. 
Sydney label Zulu & Zephyr (somewhat new kids on the block) have managed to capture every essence of a quintessential Australian Summer with their latest collection Capetown, as well as producing some of the most coveted swimwear going around at the moment. Do yourself a favour and check them out here

Wearing | Zulu & Zephyr Somerset West One-piece

Tuesday, October 14


I am yet to see a Lachlan Bailey shoot that I am not only in awe of, but actually want to escape into, add a dose of Anja and well for me it is nothing short of perfection.

Model Anja Rubik | Photographer  Lachlan Bailey | Stylist Geraldine Saglio

 -Vogue Paris -

Monday, October 13


With Summer on it's way I thought I would create a series of posts centred  around, 'Summer Essentials'. Over the next few weeks I'll share with you my Summer essentials in Beauty, skin/body care, wardrobe and home.

When it comes to Summer I like to keep my makeup routine short & sweet, beach friendly and most importantly fresh. Aside from the usual foundation or BB cream (of which everyone has their own preference, dependant on what you like; dewy, matte, full coverage etc) these beauty items are high on my list of 'can't live without' 

1. I prefer to keep my skin fresh looking, with little blush or bronzer and neutral shades on the eyes, so when it comes to prepping my skin I'm all for an illuminating base. Le Blanc by Chanel is my favourite and this bottle has lasted me well over 2 years... a little goes a long way. 

2. I have fairly light eyelashes, so very rarely go without Mascara. Shocking by YSL is my splurge however for the budget conscious, I'm also a fan of Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express. And of course the all important eyelash curler helps for achieving the perfect lashes.

3. A Nude lipstick is my best friend in Summer, NARS Venus Blonde is my go to, choosing a colour definitely depends on your skin tone. I'm also a fan of Tom Ford in Sable Smoke, Dior Rouge in Angelique Beige & YSL 06 Rose

4. Summer Scent For Her by Narcisco - Musk, Rose with Woody base notes. I'm not one to stick to a single signature scent either, so I usually have a couple on rotation.

5. Last but by no means least, Touche Eclat Radiant Touch by YSL is the saving grace for dark spots and circles under the eyes, and a little dab between the top lip and nose never goes a stray.

Thursday, October 9


 The one place that always clears my mind and rebalances my soul. Crisp whites, Classic shapes, and Summery skies included.. and with that said this post is dedicated to Mental health week, a week that resonates with me quite deeply and is particularly relevant to the creation of Love rush.

It's quite easy to get caught up in this world of social media, blogging and the overall Fashion industry and forget that behind that new pair of shoes, or that Louis Vuitton handbag, are people and lives.  Lives that go far deeper and beyond the flatlay, a photo of a healthy breakfast, or the latest style post.

I started Love rush 4 years ago during a time when I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety, at the time my inability to accept anything less than perfect was affecting my ability to be myself, to the point where I found it a huge effort to simply function normally (whatever that is) on a day to day basis, for absolute all consuming fear of failure and not being good enough at anything. Love rush began as a small step to letting go of the fear, and gave me a focus that took my thoughts away from what was going on in my head, it now serves as a reminder that everything is ok and that it's enough just to be where we are, and to be content with that. 

Wearing | Manning Cartell Enamel Inlay top | L.W.B Skater shorts 
 -both available from Miishu Boutique

Tony Bianco slides | Bardot Blazer 

Saturday, October 4


Whenever I have been called upon to go business shirt shopping, 100% guaranteed I end up with a handful of choices in varying shades of blue and usually pinstripes, I've spent months eyeing off a classic pinstripe shirt at Topshop and naturally was in awe when I saw the Michael Lo Sordo and Dion Lee Line II Spring/Summer 15 collections  at MBFWA earlier this year..PINSTRIPE HEAVEN only on a totally different level to those aforementioned Mens business shirt options, and Spring freshness guaranteed.

Wearing | Cameo shirt | Michael Lo Sordo skirt | Proenza Schouler heels