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August 12, 2020


If anything, what we have experienced across the world in 2020 should be our wake up call, and if we weren’t already being kind to our planet and the people in it then now is the time. Over Summer here in Australia we saw Bushfires burn for months and ravage our countryside, our wildlife and raise communities to the ground, followed quickly by a worldwide pandemic that has kept us at home for months on end, distanced from family and friends, and left us with countless hours to reassess what we can and can’t live without. Currently in Victoria we’re living through stage 4 restrictions, although overwhelming at times and I would be lying if I said it doesn’t give me all levels of anxiety, I have found as a creative, escapism in my painting and drawing. As we stay close to home and draw inspiration from the immediate world around us, it has bought to the forefront of my mind the importance of supporting and championing other local creatives and designers, especially those who are doing their bit for the planet with sustainable ideals at their core.

Wearing Unik Space Dress, Lylou the label Top, Kate & Confusion gloves, Sanserie Linen Shirt, Two Green Stones Earrings

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