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January 26, 2015


anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-Love-rush1 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-Love_rush.14 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-Love_rush.51 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-Love_rush.11 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-Love_rush.111 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-Love-rush.31 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-Love_rush.13 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-love-rush.20 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-love-rush.16 anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-love-rush.41anja-konstantinova-emily-abay-fashion-editorial-love_rush.22

I’ve had this editorial stored for sometime, and always mean to post it. One of my all time favourites featuring Anja.

Model | Anja Konstantinova

Stylist | Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow

Photography | Emily Abay

In Editorial on
January 7, 2015


Fia-Ljungstrom-ELLE-Norway-Hordur-Ingason-01-love-rush Fia-Ljungstrom-ELLE-Norway-Hordur-Ingason-02-love-rush Fia-Ljungstrom-ELLE-Norway-Hordur-Ingason-03-love-rush Fia-Ljungstrom-ELLE-Norway-Hordur-Ingason-04-love-rush Fia-Ljungstrom-ELLE-Norway-Hordur-Ingason-05-love-rush Fia-Ljungstrom-ELLE-Norway-Hordur-Ingason-06-love-rush Fia-Ljungstrom-ELLE-Norway-Hordur-Ingason-07-love-rush

From Interiors to Fashion, the Scandinavians get it right every time.

Model | Fia Ljungstrom for Elle Norway

Photography | Hordur Ingason

Styling | Ellen Lofts

In Editorial on
October 21, 2014


It’s editorials like this that make me have a love-hate relationship with Winter, having just come back from Europe where they are prepping for the big freeze, it’s safe to say I would be profoundly more happy to spend my Winters over there when they know how to a) make it look so damn good, and b) create the most luxurious, cosy layers I have ever laid eyes on, they sure do Winter well.
Model Crista Cober | Photographer Laurence Ellis | Stylist Anne Sophie Thomas
– L’Officiel Paris –