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June 11, 2015



Hailey-Clauson-Martin-Lidell-Styleby-love-Rush-blog.3 Hailey-Clauson-Martin-Lidell-Styleby-Love-rush-blog.4 Hailey-Clauson-Martin-Lidell-Styleby-Love-Rush-blog.5 Hailey-Clauson-Martin-Lidell-Styleby-Love-Rush-Blog.7 Hailey-Clauson-Martin-Lidell-Styleby-Love-Rush-blog.8 Hailey-Clauson-Martin-Lidell-Styleby-Love-Rush-Blog

I archive so many editorials on a daily basis that I most of the time I loose track of what is where (cue better filing system), although it is nice to stumble across a forgotten favourite when searching for something completely unrelated. Well then who doesn’t love a surprise, and one that includes Hailey Clauson draped across patio furniture, poolside lounging, complete with retro prints is always a welcome way to invigorate the senses.

Model : Hailey Clauson | Styling : Ilona Hamer | Photography : Matin Lidell | Styledby Magazine

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