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May 8, 2014


With the opening of Melbournes newest shopping precinct, Emporium, comes a plethora of new and exciting retail spaces, and a whole lot more to empty your life savings in, well actually thats not exactly the case, because where Dr Denim is concerned Jeans and those all important ‘extras’ are not going to break the bank.
Yesterday the denim brand launched it’s first Australian concept store The Waiting Room, the unique concept store dedicated to Swedish fashion is clearly not just a store, it is an experience. In an age where a new outfit is a click of a button away, and in some cases delivered to your door within the hour, retailers are having to become more innovative, more unique and overall more customer focused to compete in the harsh landscape of bricks and mortar, which is exactly what the Dr Denim team have achieved.
Taking influence from 1950s New York, the 8-metre long work bench is a clever interpretation of the traditional shop counter. The staff decked out in co-ordinating aprons and bow-ties give it a ‘shop keeper’ feel, and the accompanying store design a mix of clinical, industrial and raw, all contribute to the overall experience. Combine this with staff who are passionate, enthusiast and clearly at the top of their game when it comes to talking Denim and Swedish design, and you have more than enough reasons to step out from behind your computer and experience what could easily be called the old fashioned way of shopping.. Oh and did I mention you can pick up a pair of Jeans for $99..
Visit The Waiting Room at Emporium, Store 27A Lower Ground.
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