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January 3, 2016


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Wearing | Vintage pants  | Slip dress | Chloe Sandals

2015 has been my best year yet, I planned a wedding, I became an aunt for the second time, I got married, and I re-assessed what was important to me, in amongst all these things Love Rush didn’t get as much attention as I would have liked, however in doing a little less blogging and a little more living (and not instagraming every moment of life) I have re-discovered the reason I started Love rush. I have always been a creator, ever since I can remember my mind has been full of a thousand ideas, so much so I use to get anxiety from not being able to capture them all. From a young age I was a story teller with a vivid imagination, which my Dad reminded me of during his wedding speech recently. In the social media age it has become about a carefully curated life, a monochrome instagram feed, all black or all white outfit posts shot in front of white walls, and a numbers game that will get you places. I too am guilty of seeking out white walls, and pushing the coloured items in my wardrobe to the side.  This year I’m kicking popularity to the curb and blogging for the reason purely to document my style straight from my wardrobe. I learnt to paint with the entire colour spectrum, I developed my style pre the blogasphere, pre social media, and I learnt to design with pattern and colour. So prepare to see less white walls around here in 2016, and little more colour appreciation.

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