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October 9, 2014


 The one place that always clears my mind and rebalances my soul. Crisp whites, Classic shapes, and Summery skies included.. and with that said this post is dedicated to Mental health week, a week that resonates with me quite deeply and is particularly relevant to the creation of Love rush.

It’s quite easy to get caught up in this world of social media, blogging and the overall Fashion industry and forget that behind that new pair of shoes, or that Louis Vuitton handbag, are people and lives.  Lives that go far deeper and beyond the flatlay, a photo of a healthy breakfast, or the latest style post.

I started Love rush 4 years ago during a time when I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety, at the time my inability to accept anything less than perfect was affecting my ability to be myself, to the point where I found it a huge effort to simply function normally (whatever that is) on a day to day basis, for absolute all consuming fear of failure and not being good enough at anything. Love rush began as a small step to letting go of the fear, and gave me a focus that took my thoughts away from what was going on in my head, it now serves as a reminder that everything is ok and that it’s enough just to be where we are, and to be content with that. 
Wearing | Manning Cartell Enamel Inlay top | L.W.B Skater shorts 
 -both available from Miishu Boutique

Tony Bianco slides | Bardot Blazer 

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